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(from 09.04.2013.)

Welcome to the 2013th A little late with this text, my intention was for it to be released in the first month, but some other topics or forms of these topics were derived from my thoughts and gained championship. I believe that now is the ideal time for this text because it is obvious that at this very moment the most people are in need of it or more willing than they were before, and my subconscious knew it, and for this reason  delayed it a little. Did you know that there is a cure for cancer? Indeed, there are many medications that successfully save a man's life, some of them are preventive in nature, and some of them are taken when the problem has been diagnosed and function. Recently, as my eyes are more open to the "matrix" in which we live (only I can not remember when somebody slipped me the damn red pill) so I encounter with things, people, events, and truths that are almost perfectly hidden from humanity. A few days ago, the last question that made me just one in a series of various conspiracy theorists fell into the water because they are no longer working on this or that drug that was just a possibility without scientific foundation, now the situation is serious. Among everything else, they found a virus that attacks cancer cells and isolated it, media attention that this news has received is shameful, not only is the whole story ignored by the mass media, but its credibility was undermined  when published in the "yellow press". I started a little digging and obtained information that this is not the first case, a few times in history, scientists have had some wonderful discoveries that would help sick people, but the institution refused them because their discovery was declared dangerous for finance of various medical and especially the pharmaceutical industry. They are literally playing with our lives, shamelessly and arrogantly, quietly counting their money. Open your eyes people, do not trust those who profit from your illness, not your health. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest modern evil for their financial gain is built on your problems. I read a statement somewhere that such solutions will cause the loss of many jobs and that would be unacceptable, is the loss of many lives acceptable?
We live in a time of knowledge and information, but we exploit it so badly to our advantage. We are blind and deaf because we are afraid to come out of our safe world controlled with lies and step in to the truth. The media is controlled, it is a fact, many types are owned by the same people, and money is pulling the strings. When you have a media forced to financially survive by advertising, then these advertisements have the right to dictate what kind of content the media will publish, logical. For this reason, the things that can help you in life, but someone else will financially hinder, you will not see on television, hear on the radio or read on many web portals or in the newspaper. There is some free media, but rare, I urge you to find them, but if you do not, there is something that will help you in the controlled media to find out the truth, it's your brain.

I recommend the gentleman from the image to everyone, especially those who enjoy reality shows, tabloid journalism, those who care about their appearance or care about the appearance of others. I recommend it to anyone who thinks that it is important to what God you pray to, or with whom you sleep or what football club you like, those who feel they have the right to determine what is right and what is not, and especially those who are considered moral verticals without coverage. That gentleman in the picture, what a coincidence, is a physicist, not a priest. For a long time no one had so much of my respect like he does  because unfortunately even in the world of science, there are a lot of closed minds, many scientists incarnate all the characteristics of Edison, and not enough of them incarnate the characteristics of Tesla. Neil is Tesla's successor and as much as the media is silent about Tesla today, so will it be in a hundred years about Neil, if people do not open up a critical part of their mind. The educational system today really works in a way that he mentioned, killing in children, from an early age, the need to ask questions and review the answers, which directly leads to a blind belief in all authorities regardless of the fact that in most cases they share their opinions, not facts. If you forgot, remember, re-start asking questions why, how, when, where, who, what .... These are very powerful words because they will guide you to the answers. Do not trust anyone, especially those who are telling you exactly what you want to hear as long as you do not re-examine  it critically. Your parents, religious leaders and journalists are not here to live your life for you, they are here to give you options, and you are the one who must decide what to take from it and what to do, do not accept everything and consider the credibility of the person who tries to convince you of anything.
Some of Neil's statements:
"Curious that we spend more time congratulating people who have succeeded than encouraging people who have not."
"If aliens did visit us, I'd be embarrassed to tell them we still dig fossil fuels from the ground as a source of energy."
"TheBigBangTheory: When geeky scientists can be main characters in a hit primetime series, you know there's hope for the world"
“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.” 
"“After all, what nobler thought can one cherish than that the universe lives within us all?” "
(statements are taken from Neil's twitter account which he confirmed was owned by him)
Be curious, do not stop asking questions, get rid of the shackles that your society has imposed upon you and convinced you that they are right who believe, and curiosity killed the cat, no, a great big no.

Is there a combination of spirituality and science, or is it just a modern myth? It is not a myth, at least not from my point of view. Forget religion, but do not throw away your spirituality because empathy towards other beings does not come from religion, but from you. You are God, the only one you need and you are capable of so much more, the whole universe is in you, your brain is incredible, and you never use it. Be careful because everything you do not use, after some time, withers. Do not be afraid of spirituality as long as you approach it critically, any form of it which encourages you to believe in yourself, question everything around you and learn is fine, while any form of spirituality that imposes rules, requires you blind faith and forbids your development, thinking and questioning is detrimental to your development as a beautiful creature.

From the moment you were born, you learned from the environment how to create patterns of behavior and thinking. Think for a moment about the development of skills, they must be repeated many times, but when you repeat them often enough then you do not require thinking, but you do them automaticly, for example tying shoes, walking, writing ... As you walk, you're not thinking about where to put your feet, or on a conscious level thinking about the forms of letters that are used on paper when you write, you do so easily and without any mental effort. In the same way your brain has trained your every reaction you have to the unknown, do not kid yourself, every time you discard an idea, you have not done it because you so choose, but because your brain is programmed in such behavior. When a child from an early age only sees negative reactions to people of different religious beliefs, and when he is stimulated with the system of rewards / penalties to repeat reactions that he sees, after some time, he will be so well trained about how to respond, it becomes as easy as signing his own name. After some time in such a way of life, a person is closed to any new experience because the brain is literally trained and trained not to think. When you say a thousand times, "I hate it" a thousand and first time (and much earlier), you will know without thinking that you hate, that is the way your brain works, just as if a thousand times you wrote the Greek letter alpha, a thousand and first time you will know how to write it without thinking. Are you sure now that whatever you accept in life as the truth, you accept just because your brain is programmed to accept it?

I'm sure you've noticed how negative people see everything negative and positive people all positive, there is a wonderful science named psychology dealing with people, I recommend that you find interest and time for it. Your brain really is a magnet, if you have learned to accept people who are similar to you, you'll be surrounded by people like you, those who share your views, very often the situation is inevitable if you do not pay attention to how you use your brain. When you believe in something without any doubt, then it becomes your knowledge and it is as solid as the knowledge that you breathe, the knowledge to know how to sign or know what date you were born. Now, when you know something you can not do, you indeed can not, and when you know that you can do something, indeed you can without any problems. Imagine that you have to do something that is, because of your previously created patterns of functioning in your brain, a problem, the first thought that comes to you is that this is a problem, it will be difficult and you will probably fail. The result of such thinking is that you will fail. Will you ever find yourself in a situation where you are going to say that a cat is a cow? You will not because you know it's a cat, in the same way it will be very difficult to argue that there is a mighty God, destiny written in the stars and any other form of supreme power that is beyond you, because you know in your brain that it is not all in your power, you do not affect it at all, you do not control your life, there are things and situations that are beyond your control, you're just a miserable little man with no interesting capabilities that can affect you and your environment. Your brain knows how to instruct the body to sit down and stand up, these thoughts are as real and valid as thoughts about what you are, and what you are not, and just as you have stood up many times so now you know how to stand up, now you know that God is out there somewhere, because you've heard it many times, seen, repeated, uttered and thought. Think about it. Is that the correct knowledge or just learned, and what has been learned does not necessarily imply accuracy but only a repetition of memorized things?

There are those who, when they see a pentagram around my neck conclude that I worships Satan, and there are those who realize that I wear a symbol of the periodic table around my neck, the symbol of the universe builders and architects of me. Everything in the universe is in me, and all that is in me is in the universe. When you see a pentagram on me, you see a confirmation that the person manages her life and does not accept that there is something "outside" or "up", but only "inside". What builds me, builds the world around me, and that I am, consisted of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrogen .... And all of them are built by electrons that are only stacked differently. I am energy, which is recalling that it is energy. Start accepting responsibility for the consequences of your decisions, no one made it for you, we create our own lives, our world, our experiences and can decide which person will be next to us, and which will not. You are under the influence of the universe, just as the universe is under your influence, and it is important to understand the impact. All that you have ever heard, seen or experienced has help your brain to formulate your thoughts, all your experience had an impact, the point is to recognize how this will affect you positive and negative, how much has it allowed you to grow, and how much has it prevented your growth.

There is not a person in the world who knew that something can not be done, and did it, there are those who know that they could and did it. Suspicion is very interesting. You doubt as to whether you can or not, but you will not doubt what you have been told, it is again, just the result of how your brain is  functioning, your mind. If you doubt yourself it is an indication that you are able to doubt and if you are able to doubt, begin to doubt everything except yourselves. Begin to question absolutely everything, some things you will prove as correct and verify them, and some you will discard  from your world view or life because you will realize how much they are in fact, completely wrong.
Your will is totally irrelevant and wrongly perceived. The will does not matter, decision does because when you decide something you have the "will". The core problem is a firm decision, solid plan. Our brains are so poisoned that the things we might be able to do do not work and there is going to be a lot of practice until we convince our subconscious mind and every part of our being that we are capable of things that mankind assures us that we are not because the convinced inability is too deeply embedded in us. Therefore, you should start slowly, with small changes, small improvements of getting your brain used to a different way of functioning. I believe that people have the opportunity to fly, but I also believe that people are not able to fly. Our brains are not sufficiently developed, we use too small a percentage of our brain, we did not develop a force to defy gravity  and I will not attempt to jump off buildings because I can not fly and I am aware that my knowledge of the impossibility will kill me. There are many other things as exercises for your brain, train it to wake up and begin to function normally. Everything I think I can not do, I can not, but also everything that I think I can be, I can truly be. I can not fly, but I can rise above the problems that are holding me back. I can not be invisible, but I can be unobtrusive with my opinions and open to diversity. I can not materialize money, but my activities and thoughts can contribute to money coming into my life. I can not know everything, but I can work on that every day by learning something new and  increasing the amount of knowledge by reducing the amount of ignorance and thus be closer every day to a possibility of knowing everything.

When you find yourself in situations where you feel bad, they are not useless, they are useful for finding yourself in situations where you feel bad again and again because your  brain collects habits and learns how to replicate already seen, by feeling bad your mind will provide more and more situations for you to feel bad. When you notice that you are drifting off to negativity, feeling a negative emotion, apathy, sadness, anger, just change how you feel, and the easiest way to change how you feel is to change what you're thinking. I am not advising you to ignore the problems, or to run away from them, I am encouraging you to stop perceiving problems as problems. When you have a problem, change your thinking, think about something that you enjoy or soothe, concentrate, and then come back in a good mood on what you think is the problem, it will be much easier to resolve than by thinking about it for hours in an angry mood or with crying . Problems do not exist, there are situations that are more challenging than others to learn  from.

I advise you to consciously accept that everyone around you has an impact on you, every time a person next to you says something, it will have an impact, choose to accept or discard that impact when you think it is necessary. Dare to remove from your life those people who make you feel bad, constantly sad and angry. I do not dare to claim that this is easy or that it will not have consequences, there will certainly be consequences and those consequences that will be positive will be more pronounced than those that will not. When someone tells you that you need to think positive, do not roll your eyes but be thankful that you have someone in your life who will say that, roll your eyes at those people who tell you that life is hard, unjust, evil, and that nothing is fair, they have chosen to lead such lives, that does not mean that it has to be your decision. Those who assure you that the meaning of life is suffering, reject completely because they will bring you the most damage. The amount of good you get by ten positive people in your life, is the amount of harm one negative person does for you. I must mention here that when talking about rejecting people, I do not mean literally, reject the impact on you because I am aware that you are not always able to move to the other end of the planet just to avoid meeting with certain people, be able to recognize and control the impact they have on you.

Examine all, learn, educate yourself, read and surround yourself with as many different people and different opinions, experiences, behaviors as you can, because if you live a life surrounded by apple trees how do you know the taste of pear or other fruit? Think positive, think positive and do not accept immediately everything you hear or see  because it does not all affect you in a  positive way. Question the truthfulness and good intentions of the media, authority and all that you think are relevant to your life. Reduce the use of  the word NO and increase the use of PERHAPS and PROVE IT. Prove and prove it every day and say with joy that you know more today than yesterday, that you are more capable today than yesterday and you're a better person today than you were yesterday, smarter, wiser, more capable and more advanced. Be a happier person today than you were yesterday.

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